After road testing three different rotary evaporators, here is why the Heidolph Hei-VAP was chosen...


Lindores Abbey Distillery Hei-VAP



Contacts: Tim Foster

Organisation: Lindores Abbey Distillery

Department: Distillery

Country: Scotland

Product: Heidolph Hei-VAP Value digital, MD1C Vario and Minichiler 280

Case Study No: CS1085

The situation

With a brand-new distillery opening in Newburgh, Tim Foster of Lindores Abbey Distillery tested three different rotary evaporators looking for “the sleekest, most efficient and best at holding the vacuum”

The objective

Having just opened the distillery and the founders wanted to get a rotary evaporator set up to do small distillations for customers. As the team had never used a rotary evaporator before, easy of use was a key factor in the decision to choose the Heidolph Hei-VAP. It was very quiet compared to the other set-ups. After trying it out, they thought it was “perfect” for them.

The results

We visited Tim Foster to see how he was getting on with his new equipment, and he reported he was very happy. He confirms it is really easy to use and he really likes that the pump is really quiet and that the rotovap holds the vacuum so well. Indeed, it was much better than others he had tested. It is also a great talking point in the distillery and as such they have posted a video of it in action to their website to promote what they do. The team have nicknamed their rotovap “The Raptor”!

The Rotary evaporator is a great piece of kit and is really great fun to use. It is a great talking point and I am really happy the founders suggested we add this to the distillery.