TonSan were looking for the best application control, so they invested in Tornado overhead stirring system to use in their lab.


TonSan Tornado



Contacts: Professor Liu

Organisation: TonSan

Department: Organic synthesis laboratory

Country: China

Product: Tornado Overhead Stirring System

Case Study No: CS1074

The situation

In the past, Professor Liu and his team had used a single hotplate and overhead stirrer for the department’s research on adhesives. It was not convenient and wasted a lot of time to repeat the same experiment. TonSan needed a solution to increase their productivity and keep accurate control of the experiments.

The objective

A new resolution was needed to allow the processing of several samples at the same time, whilst also allowing the use of stirrer paddles. The current method was time consuming and repetitive.

The results

The Tornado overhead stirring system has allowed the team to work more efficiently and accurately with their experiments. The reliability and flexibility of the Tornado system is very important to them, and has benefited the whole team.

The Tornado has changed the way we conduct our chemistry. As part of our research, we must perform adhesive experiments. Previously we could only complete one sample at a time. The single hotplate and overhand stirring were not convenient and not effective to control the reaction conditions. It wasted our time on our research. Now we can handle 6 samples at the same time. Our Tornado ensures a good performance for our experiment. We can save more time and guarantee good results. Tornado overhead stirring system is perfect for our parallel reactions!