Quiet, reliable and easy to use - The Hei-TORQUE Core proved to be just the answer


Material Manufacturer Hei-Torque



Contacts: Product Manager

Organisation: Materials Manufacturer

Department: Materials

Country: United Kingdom

Product: Hei-TORQUE Core

Case Study No: CS1092

The Situation

This UK-based material manufacturer has previously been using a Heidolph RZR-2041 stirrer. The equivalent model to this today is the Hei-TORQUE 400. However, they had a new requirement to stir a 10 L vessel in the fumehood and the clearance space above the vessel was restricted.

The Objective

To have a unit that could stir the 10 L vessel but also fit in the height restrictions of the fume hood.

The Results

Hei-TORQUE Core was trialled for 3 weeks on a variety of reaction sizes. It stirred small scale reactions to 10 L with ease. Due to the compact size and weight it fits comfortably into the restricted space above the 10 L vessel.

The Hei-TORQUE Core proved an ideal solution for this material manufacturer restricted by space.

Due to restrictions in the amount of workspace available to us, it was important that the overhead stirrer was compact. The Hei-TORQUE Core stirrer has very similar dimensions to our existing Heidolph RZR-2041 stirrers, so is ideal in this regard. The stirrer is quiet, reliable and the 1-button operation makes it easy to use.