StarFish enabled multiple reactions yet saved valuable laboratory space for synthetic chemistry at Argenta Discovery.


Argenta Discovery StarFish



Contacts: Matthew Gill, Synthetic chemist

Organisation: Argenta Discovery

Department: Synthetic Chemistry

Country: United Kingdom

Product: StarFish

Case Study No: CS1000

The situation

Argenta Discovery traditionally employed oil baths or aluminium blocks.  However, in addition to the mess and safety issues inherent with such apparatus, to cope with multiple reactions in different vessels it was necessary to employ several systems that occupied a large area of valuable fume cupboard space.

The objective

Improve the use of space for synthetic chemistry.

The results

Achieved maximum use of valuable laboratory space while achieving multiple reactions.

StarFish offers us significant space saving, as five round-bottomed flasks can be placed on a single stirrer hotplate with the novel manifolds offering a tidier system for gas/vacuum and water delivery.